Location, location, and location, are the three most important words when choosing a site for your practice.

A complete set of services designed specifically for Buyers and Tenants is available to you—at no out-of-pocket cost.

In almost all of real estate transactions, landlords and sellers agree to pay a commission to HRA for facilitating a deal—so our services will come at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

We work exclusively with doctors and dentists, representing only buyers and tenants—we do not represent landlords or sellers. We are committed to finding the best location for your Arizona practice by:

  • Identifying real estate opportunities
  • Presenting a variety of options
  • Recommending specific tenant improvements
  • Analyzing purchase
  • Negotiating and reviewing contracts
  • Helping secure financing arrangements
  • Preparing competion and market demographic studies

We have a team of skilled negotiators that know the critical terms and conditions of healthcare transactions. And we know what can and should be negotiated.

When choosing a location, an important part of our service is to provide you with demographics, and direct competitive practice studies, while considering visibility and proximity to strategic partners, referral sources, and suppliers.