Joe SchallerJoe is an operations and finance executive in the health care management industry.  He has extensive and varied experience as an executive leader at health care service organizations managing both Medicaid and Medicare programs as well working with providers to help improve practice management processes.

Joe has a passion for improving the delivery of health care to everyone as efficiently as possible.  He has worked in the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) for nearly twenty years and has helped initiate positive changes in this program.  Due to his finance background, he understands the finite resources for these programs and knows how to get the most out of them.  Joe uses his operational process experience to develop the most efficient and effective ways to deliver services.  He is also able to use his advanced analytic skills to find the proper measurements to evaluate all points in the system.

Singled out as an innovator in operational process improvement, he has implemented advanced programs that have streamlined efficiencies and grown profitability by increasing revenues and decreasing expenses while maintaining the highest quality.

Joe has gained a deep understanding of Managed Medicaid and Medicare with leadership experience of managed health care programs for both physical health and the integration of physical and behavioral health. His experience has allowed him to tackle diverse problems and develop innovative solutions to help providers, patients, health plans and government programs.

Joe has also worked with provider groups to help with practice management initiatives including billing, contracting, credentialing, finance, new business assessment and many other process improvement projects.  As new reimbursement models are presented to practices, Joe has helped evaluate how these changes in reimbursement will affect the provider and assess which models are most beneficial for the practice to participate in.

His varied experience working with all levels in an organization has given him the ability to connect with everyone in an organization and see solutions from many different perspectives.    Joe is able to quickly break down a problem into manageable parts and focus on execution of a plan to quickly meet the client’s immediate strategic needs.

Joe holds Bachelor of Science degrees in both Accounting and Operations Management.